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YANTU A23 mini cordless digital air compressor 150PSI rechargeable electric portable tyre bike ball air pump car tire inflator

Price : USD 109.99

1. This 2023 bestseller mini air pump boasts a 19-cylinder body with a 19,000 RPM, 35% faster inflation efficiency, inflating a car tire (0-2.5bar) in approximately 6 minutes and a mountain bike tire (0-2.8bar) in just 1 minute.
2. Equipped with a 4000mAh battery for wireless convenience, capable of inflating up to 20 bicycle tires per charge.
3. It features an auto-stop function and precise digital sensor to prevent over-inflation worries, offering 150psi pressure in a compact design that still handles car tires.
4. Its hidden accessory storage, built-in 3 LED lights for nighttime use.
5. Storage bag make it a versatile and practical tool.

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