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YANTU A22 double cylinder cordless portable air compressor pump car tire inflators

1. This dual-cylinder pump offers 2x speed, perfect for SUVs, off-road vehicles. It features Japanese-imported metal dual 22-cylinder construction with high-precision gears, boosting inflation speed by 70%. Its dual-cylinder design fills a car tire in about 3 minutes, compared to 4-5 minutes for single-cylinder pumps.
2. Achieves 150psi pressure for quick SUV and off-road tire inflation. The durable Taiwan Chi Mei PC+ABS and Japanese-imported ADC12 aluminum alloy build ensures longevity and efficient performance.
3. It has a stable performance, tested for 60 minutes of continuous inflation, equivalent to 20 tire fills, and can handle up to 600 inflation cycles, lasting up to 25 years. The metal cylinder offers excellent heat dissipation, strength, and safety.
4. Equipped with long-lasting metal gears, it outlasts plastic gear alternatives by 5-10 years.
5. The 8.3-inch full-screen display provides easy operation and clear parameter visibility.
6. Customizable tire pressure settings, two modes, and auto-stop for convenience.
7. It offers both wireless and wired modes, with a built-in 6000mAh battery for inflating up to 5 tires (195/55 R16) wirelessly.

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