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YANTU V01S cordless mini car vaccum cleaner 12V Wireless Small portable high power hand for wash

1. Strong Suction Power: With a powerful 5500PA suction, it effortlessly cleans seat cushions, floor mats, crevices, carpets, and even office desks, ensuring thorough cleanliness.
2. High-Quality Components: Featuring a 54mm aluminum impeller and a high-speed DC motor, it delivers superior suction performance with enhanced power.
3. Multi-Purpose Use: With versatile nozzle attachments, it adapts to various settings, making it suitable for use in cars, homes, offices, and kitchens—a versatile cleaning companion.
4. Portable and Compact: Its wireless and compact design ( ensures easy portability. The 15-minute battery life is sufficient for thorough car cleaning in one go.
5. Type-C Charging: It supports Type-C charging, ensuring compatibility with both car and home charging setups.

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Brand Name: YANTU
Model Number: V01S
Size: 30.4*7.4*7.6cm
Material: ABS
Warranty: 12 months
Color: black/white
Working Voltage: 8.4V
Working Current: 7.5A
Battery: 1500mAh*2
Power: 80W
KPA: 4500PA
Dimension: 30.4*7.4*7.6cm
Accessories: USB cable+2 in 1 nozzle

V01S无线A+_01 V01S无线A+_02 V01S无线A+_03 V01S无线A+_04 V01S无线A+_05 V01S无线A+_06 V01S无线A+_07

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