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YANTU B39-C 12V 24V QC+ PD 3 Socket 2 USB Car Charger Adapter for Phone with 3 Socket 2 USB Cigarette Lighter with Voltage Monitoring

The B39-C cigarette lighter adapter offers a range of compelling features:
1. Multi-Device Simultaneous Charging: With 3 cigarette lighter sockets and 2 USB ports, it can charge up to 5 devices simultaneously, meeting all your charging needs.
2. High Power Output: With a substantial 120W power rating, supporting both PD and QC3.0 fast charging, it ensures rapid and efficient charging for your devices.
3. Universal Compatibility: Compatible with both 12V and 24V devices, it boasts strong compatibility with various vehicle and electronic equipment.
4. Independent Switches: Featuring three individual switches, you can control each cigarette lighter socket independently, offering convenient power management and a one-button power-off function.
5. Extra-Long 27.5-Foot Cable: The extended cable length enables charging for both front and rear seats, ensuring everyone can stay connected.
6. Voltage Monitoring and Protection: Equipped with a built-in voltage monitor, it safeguards your car's battery health, reducing the risk of low-voltage issues.
7. Auto Recovery Protection: The circuit board protection system automatically cuts off power in case of malfunctions, ensuring the safety of your vehicle.

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