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YANTU B33 Dual Type-C USB Ports High Power 12V 24V PD QC 3.0 Fast Car Charger for Laptop Tablet And Mobile Phone

The B33 car charger offers a range of compelling features:
1. High Power Output: With a substantial 78W power rating, it delivers rapid charging, ensuring your devices power up quickly.
2. Multiple Expansion Ports: Equipped with 4 fast-charging expansion ports, it allows you to simultaneously charge multiple devices in your vehicle.
3. LCD Voltage Monitoring Screen: The real-time voltage monitoring screen keeps you informed about your car's electrical status, ensuring safe driving conditions.
4. Extendable and Flexible Cable: The retractable and extendable cable allows for easy charging even in the rear of the car, offering convenience for all passengers.
5. Versatile Charging Ports: Featuring 30W QC3.0, 30W PD+USB, and 18W PD3.0 ports, it accommodates a wide range of devices, ensuring compatibility for all your gadgets.
6. Cigarette Lighter Fuse Protection: The automatic power cut-off feature, backed by a fuse, prevents damage to your vehicle's power supply, enhancing safety.

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