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YANTU A21 car pump tyre inflator pump150 PSI Automatic Digital Tyre Inflator Pump Mini 12V Portable Car Air Compressor

This innovative portable pump offers several key advantages:
1. 22-Cylinder Powerhouse: With a larger cylinder body than most small pumps on the market (typically 17 or 19 cylinders), it's designed for fast charging of cars and SUVs.
2. High-Performance Motor: Featuring a metal construction and a pure copper motor, it provides exceptional compression power. It reaches a peak airflow of 50L/min and delivers an impressive 420ml of air per second.
3. High Speed Operation: With a top speed of 17,000 RPM, it revolutionizes how compression gas is handled by the pure copper motor. This high-speed operation ensures powerful performance and provides up to 6KG of pressure, exceeding the 4KG pressure of most pumps on the market.
4. Rapid Tire Inflation: It can fill up a car tire in just around 4 minutes, offering a quick solution during critical moments, allowing you to continue your journey within 30 seconds.
5. Full-Screen Digital Display: The user-friendly interface makes operation a breeze.
6. Compact and Portable: This emergency tool comes with a carrying strap and can be easily carried by hand or placed conveniently in your car (in the glovebox, trunk, or other compact spaces), and even fits in a backpack.
7. Dual Power Modes: It offers both wireless and wired modes. The wireless version includes a 4500mAh battery that can inflate up to 4 tires (195/55 R16), while the standard version includes a 3-meter power cord, allowing you to operate it through your car's cigarette lighter, ensuring continuous usage even if the battery is low.
8. Pre-set Tire Pressure and Auto-Stop: Set your desired tire pressure (usually 2.5 bar for most cars), and the pump will automatically stop when it reaches the preset pressure. This feature not only provides convenience but also enhances safety.
In summary, this portable pump stands out with its powerful performance, versatility, and ease of use, making it an indispensable tool for car owners and a reliable companion for emergencies.

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