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YANTU V11 cordless handheld rechargeable with metal filter compact portable hand smart car wash vacuum cleaners USB with metal filter

1. Powerful Suction: With a strong 5000PA suction, it effortlessly cleans seat cushions, floor mats, crevices, carpets, and office desks, ensuring thorough cleanliness.
2. Efficient Design: Utilizing a CAE-designed airflow pathway and turbofan blades, it enhances suction efficiency while conserving energy, providing effective cleaning with lower power consumption.
3. Versatile 3-in-1: This wireless, portable device, paired with multiple nozzle attachments, adapts easily to various settings, from cars to homes, offices, and kitchens.
4. Large Visual Dustbin: The spacious, visible dustbin eliminates the need for frequent emptying, saving time and effort during cleaning.
5. Reusable Metal Filter: The metal HEPA filter can be washed indefinitely, eliminating the need for replacements and reducing long-term costs.
6. High Cost-Effectiveness: With its competitive pricing, it's an excellent choice for bulk purchases and offers a great balance of performance and affordability.

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